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 Bluewater Growing Project

2020 Report



Bluewater Growing Project would like to report that we had a very successful year.  On 63 acres of rented and donated land, we produced over 8,000 bushels of corn, 708 of soys and 343 bushels of wheat.  We were fortunate to have excellent yields and crop prices this year.

Your donations helped to pay for rent and crop input expenses of $19,700.  The Project was able to send to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank $65,000, distributed as follows:

UCC - $25,000

World Renew - $25,000

PS&W - $10,000

CBM - $5,000

The Bluewater Growing Project is one of 268 projects across Canada that earn $11,250,000 for the CFGB.  Combined with up to 4:1 matching grants from the Government of Canada, the CFGB was able to provide $43,000,000 in aid to 40 countries and help over a million people with food and farming infrastructure.  

The Bluewater Growing Project would like to sincerely thank you for your help in fighting hunger worldwide.

Jack Koetsier, Coordinator

R. Halliday, Secretary Treasurer

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