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 Bluewater Growing Project
2021 Report


It is with happiness and pleasure that we wish to report that the Bluewater Growing Project (BGP) was able to raise a RECORD amount of $130,000 for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB)!


The funds were distributed as follows:


Presbyterian Church of Canada (PWS&D) - $20,000

Canadian Baptist Ministries - $4,000

Mennonite Central Committee - $10,000

United Church of Canada - $48,000

Christian Reformed Church program World Renew - $48,000


All of these funds will generate government-matching funds up to a 4:1 ratio.  This money will go to your designated national church overseas aid and development projects throughout the world to fight hunger and encourage methods of food sustainability.  Could you please pass the news of our successful year to your generous donors to BGP.

To raise this money the BGP farmed 147 acres of donated or rented land and together with costs for crop inputs, we had expenses of $33,417.  Next year BGP is renting another farm, expanding our acreage to 322.  We value your donations to meet these expenses during the growing season and keep our project viable.  We are then able to donate our harvest proceeds debt free to the CFGB.  In Ontario the BGP is one of the largest fundraisers for the CFGB.


The farming community is still very supportive by their donations of tillage, planting and harvesting.  We would appreciate anyone renting or donating land to the project to keep our donation amount growing.  Through your involvement with BGP you can feel that Lambton County shares the blessings we have of good soil, weather and caring people.


Our new Treasurer for 2022 will be John Young, 5558 Mandaumin Road, RR 1, Wyoming ON  N0N 1T0.


Thank you very much,

Jack Koetsier, Coordinator

R. Halliday, Secretary-Treasurer

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