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 Bluewater Growing Project
2023 Report


As we start another year, we would like to take a few minutes to thank our supporters for the many gifts we have received in 2023.

We are pleased to report that 2023 was another very successful year for the Bluewater Growing Project (BGP). Our land base was down slightly to approximately 280 acres, but crop yields were very good. Wheat yields were above average, and previous investments made to improved drainage on two farms paid off with record corn yields!

The growing season started out very dry, which was a blessing because it allowed the crops to be planted in a very timely manner. We received many generous donations of seed and crop inputs, which helped keep our planting expenses to a manageable level. There are always some additional expenses to cover during the growing season. We are very thankful to receive cash donations to help us pay the bills between planting and harvest.


This year we received generous donations from many sources:

Individuals: $1,500
Businesses: $17,074
Churches: $6,518

When the crop is ready to harvest, we are always amazed at how many neighbours show with their equipment to combine and help deliver the crop. With over 26,000 bushels of corn, wheat and soybeans harvested in 2023, we filled a lot of wagons! Check out our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter for some fantastic pictures. Many hands make light work!

Our crop sales totalled $198,187 in 2023, and after expenses, the BGP was able to forward $115,000 to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank at year-end! This donation will be eligible for government-matching funds up to a 4:1 ratio. We have designated the donated funds to assist with the work of the following faith-based partners:

Presbyterian World Service & Development
Canadian Baptist Ministries
Mennonite Central Committee
United Church of Canada
Christian Reformed Church “World Renew”


This summer we had the privilege of meeting with several reps and ambassadors from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB). Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our summer event and learn a bit more about the great work of the CFGB. The need for world hunger relief is growing, and we are pleased to be able to share our good fortunes. Here is a link to an article written recently in the Ontario Grain Farmer magazine regarding the work of the CFGB and the Bluewater Growing Project.

We are looking forward to the promise of another abundant growing season, and hope and pray that you will consider supporting our combined efforts to help end world hunger.

Thank you very much,

​Jack Koetsier, Coordinator​
John Young, Secretary-Treasurer

Bluewater Growing Project
C/O John Young, 5555 Mandaumin Road, RR#1 Wyoming ON N0N 1T0

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